Joy C. Agwu - author and speaker

Joy C. Agwu is an author and speaker. Born in Nigeria, she currently lives and works in Ireland.

Joy has written extensively on themes concerning family, community, parenting, counselling and coping with grief. Her work is characterised by a strong storytelling style that is both intelligent and perceptible. Her keen insight translates well in her writings that encompass the genres of contemporary fiction, African literature, Christian fiction.

Her first published work, a novella, The Echo of a Troubled Soul, was published by The Manuscript Publisher in 2013. This was soon followed by The Future is Greater, a work that deals with the delicate issue of suicide counselling among teenagers. I Live by the Gun is her first full-length novel, published in 2014. It examines the contentions that arise when traditional hierarchies are confronted by the need for modernisation. She is currently working on her next novel and also has a stage play in progress.

Her daughter, Sandra Agwu, is also a published author - proof that the acorn never falls far from the tree. Her book, Mark the Genius, is a charming tale, recording school life from the point of view of a participant.

Joy C. Agwu's books are published by The Manuscript Publisher on CreateSpace and also in e-book editions (Kindle and Smashwords)